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Checkups, is a Texas based company that offers effective and simple solutions for client management. We provide an intuitive website and app-based system that allows administrators to easily manage client data, track client locations, and view compliance – all in real-time.

Our mission is to provide private and public organizations with cost-efficient, secure, and simple client tracking software. We strive to offer the most effective technology to administrators to save both time and money.

We strive to provide a simple and secure tracking system for both administrators and clients. Our innovative solution offers peace of mind to all users – all while saving time, money, and stress.

Our Services

Client Management.

A productive and proactive approach of keeping up to date essential daily information. Focus your time, creativity and resources on tasks that will make your business flourish.


Checkups levareges the power of photography “selfies”, GPS tracking and electronic signatures. This technique helps identify each client and their whereabouts. It’s like knowing all the time that your business is safe and sound.

Customer Service.

We strive to provide the very best customer service because we know the importance of your business. Your success and satisfaction with checkups is our success and satisfaction.


Have peace of mind that your clients are checking-in when they are supposed to. Colored coded court and check-in dates allows for a quick at a glance check to see how your clients are doing. Clicking on a client will give you more detailed information and the ability to chat.


User friendly for both user and administrator. All information can be accessed from anywhere and is only a few clicks away. Keep control of business and clients without all the hassles and inconveniences.


Check-ins are always accurate with photographic proof, location, and signature. Photographs can be verified or denied, and your client will be immediately notified of your decision. Reliable check-in reports can be easily exported to be kept in your files.

Pricing These are the basic packages that we offer for your business. If you feel you don’t fall into one of these categories please don’t hesitate to reach out, we are sure we will find a package that fits all your needs.

1 Year contract Package

  • - Up to 500 clients
  • - Up to 20 Administrators
  • - Unlimited Ghost Clicks
  • - Unlimited Storage
  • - $69.99 / month (save $120)

Month to month Package

  • - Up to 500 Clients
  • - Up to 20 Administrators
  • - Unlimited Ghost Clicks
  • - Unlimited Storage
  • - $79.99 / month

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*Price is per agency

How it works

Administrators: The administrator adds his/her portfolio of clients. Once added, clients will check in through their phones by sending a picture, GPS location, and electronic signature. Administrators can verify or deny photos, keep GPS locations, and set report schedules.

Clients: Clients download the Checkups app to their iPhone or Android device. They can then, with the click of a button, send location information to their administrators. The app will remind clients of check-in times, as well as important appointments and court dates.

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